A Tradition of Precision


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The Machine is suitable for precision bore grinding of small and medium work pieces. It can be used for one-off production as well as for batch production in addition to parallel grinding . The machine can be used for grinding taper bores by swivelling the workhead.

The machine can run on auto mode for small batch production. All movements in the machine, in addition to power, can be adjusted manually, thus any one of the jobs can also be ground precisely.


Made of graded cast iron with strong ribs for rigidity and a large inverted prismatic guide and wide track, for the table all the guide ways are carefully hand scrapped to ensure high accuracy.


Wheel head is mounted on the table which moves on a turcite lined "V" & flat guideways. This ensures smooth movement of table without any stick or slip in the entire table range. Table travel is effected by means of Hydraulic Cylinder and speed can be varied by means of trip dogs provided on the table.


Work head is mounted on a swivel base which can be swivelled between-5 & + 45 deg. To facilitate grinding. Work head spindle is mounted precision angular contact bearing to ensure high accuracy. The spindle bearings are lubricated with high quality grease for life time use, which ensures cool running. As an option variable speed motor can be offered provide stepless spindle speeds.


Rigid construction and ultra precise pre-loaded rolling bearing mounting ensures required stiffiness and precision running of wheel spindle. Wide variety of Internal Grinding spindle are offered to suit different sizes of components. For higher range of speeds, provision is made to mount high frequency spindles.


The dressing unit is mounted on the work head slide bracket holding the diamond which can be swing away from the grinding zone. The dressing is done and controlled Hydraulically.


Lubrication to all sliding surface is by hand pump or automatically provided by an arrangement which delivers oil from the auto lubrication unit.(Optional)


  • Centralised Lubrication System


  • Automatic Plunge Grinding Cycle
MODEL RK - 75 RK - 150
Standard Workrest 03 mm - 75 mm 03 mm - 150 mm
Plunge Ground 100 mm 150 mm
Grinding Wheel (d x w x b) 355 x 100 x 127 mm 355 x 100 x 127 mm
Regulating Wheel (d x w x b) 228 x 100 x 76.2 mm 228 x 100 x 76.2 mm
Regulating Wheel Speed Range 20, 40, 75 rpm 20, 40, 75 rpm
Swivelling of Regulating Wheel Spindle 0" to 3" 0" to 3"
Grinding Wheel Motor Power 5/3. 75 hp/kw 7.5 / 5.62 hp/kw
Regulating Wheel Motor Power 1/0.75 hp/wk 1 / 0. 75 hp/wk