A Tradition of Precision


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The machine bed is of box structure design with ribs providing high rigidity andstability. Main Table Slide moves on turcite coated autolubricated V and Flat guide ways which is given with absolute no stick & slip. It is driven by AC Servo Motor with pre loaded ball screw and rotary encoder. High precision glass scale can also be provided optionally.


Slide arrangement is particular designed for higher production and accuracies. The slide is running on rigid pre-loaded high precision hardened and ground guideways with autolubrication. This guarantees high repetitive accuracies and absolute stick-slip free of the slide.


It has a rigid Universal Work Head. It has cartridge type spindle. Work head spindle runs with P-4 Class antifriction precision angular contact bearings. Work head Speed has variable AC Servo drive.


It has a rigid Universal Wheel Head design. It has cartridge type spindle. Wheel head spindle runs with high pre-loaded P-4 Class anlifriction precision angular contact bearings. Wheel head spindle pully with poly V-belttype.


The Tail Stock spindle travels in perfectly honed bore. It is protected from dust. Tail Stock Spindle is spring loaded MT-3 Spindle made with high Carbon alloy steel.

Key Features RIG 250

  • Heavy Ribbed and Optimally analysed structure for best thermal and vibrational damping.
  • Seasoning Processed structure for lifelong Accuracy.
  • Precisely Handscrapped Guideways with Anti Friction TURCITE-B Coating for best Results.
  • Heavy Duty Workhead and Tail Stock.
  • SP Class Roller L.M Guideways.
  • Axis Movement through P class preloaded Ball screws.
  • Cartridge type Super Precision Spindles.
  • Complete Protection of guideways from coolant and grinding dust.
  • Custom Screen for easy operation and programming.
  • With Inbuilt Rough, Semi finish, finish grinding cycles.
  • Centralised Auto Lubrication System.
  • Grinding package of FANUC/ Seimens.


  • CNC package with operating panel and graphic display.
  • One grinding Wheel with Wheel flange
  • CoolantPumpwithtank
  • Wheelpullernut
  • Diamond Dresser Stand
  • Carbide Dead Center MT -3/ MT -4
  • Auto Lubrication Unit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Freezing Control for Electric Panel Box.


  • In process gauging for plain I interrupted surfaces for Single I multiple diameters.
  • Wheel Balancing Unit
  • Wheel Balancing Arbor
  • Hydraulic operated Tail Stock
  • Additional Wheel Flange
  • Flaging Unit
  • Two Point Steady Rest
  • Three Point Steady Rest
  • Precision Thru Chuck with Plate
  • Precision 4-jaw Chuck with Plate
  • Magnetic Coolant Filter I Paper Band Filter
Height of Centre 150 mm
Maximum Grinding Dia. 10-150/200 mm
Admit between Centre 450 / 650 mm
Maximum Grinding Length 400 / 600 mm
Maximum Component Weight 20/35 Kg
Maximum Travel 160 mm
Rapid Feed Rate 10 mm
Minimum Increment I Pulse 0.001 mm
Feed Servo Motor Torque 8 nm
Maximum Travel 500/700 mm
Rapid Feed Rate 10 mtr/min
Minimum Increment I Pulse 0.001 mm
Feed Servo Motor Torque 8 nm
Table Swivel 70'+ 20'= 90' deg
Grinding Wheel Size (OD x ID x Width) 400x 127x40/50
Peripheral (Surtace ) Speed 35 m/sec
Wheel Head Spindle Cartridge Type 140 x 330 mm
Spindle Speed (Variable) 65-450 rpm
Work Head Spindle Cartridge type 115x230 mm
Spindle Bore Taper MT-4/MT-3 No.
Swiveling Range 45 deg.
Center Taper MT-4/MT-3 No.
Quill Travel Hydraulic Center (Optional) 20/30 mm
Lubrication Centralized Lubrication Auto
Operation Voltage 415+ 10% AC 3 phase Volts
Floor Space 2300 x 1300 x 1600 Mlrx Mir
Machine Weight 3000 / 3800 Kg (Approx)
Work Head Motor 0.5 / 0.75 kw
Lubricating Motor 0.09 kw
Coolant Motor 0.018 kw
Wheel Head Motor 3.3 / 5 kw
Hydraulic Motor (Optional) 0.75 kw
Total Power load 9 /11 Max kw