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MODEL : RIG250 & 350 CNC:

These high precision CNC controlled Internal grinders are used for diverse Internal Grinding wide range of components. Modular design of these machines offer solution with straight & taper bore grinding operation.


The machine bed is made of High grade Cast Iron structure which has high static and dynamic rigidity. The Structure design facilities are best for thermal and vibrational damping. The design facilities provide easy way to flow of coolant and grinding dust.


The table moves on V & flat bed with turcite guide ways. The table is driven by high precision pre-loaded ball screw directly coupled with servo motor by precision coupling. Dust proof guard is provided on X·Z axis slide to fully protect foreign dust particle.


Work head slide is made out of graded cast iron suitably ribbed for high dynamic and thermal stability. It moves on high precision oil lubricated LM guideways. The X-axis slide driven through! precision class preloaded ball screw. Ball screw is directly coupled with servo motor.


It has a rigid universal work head. It has cartridge type spindle. Swivelling of± 10° is possible. Work head spindle runs with P-4 class antifriction precision angular contact bearings. Work head speed is variable and controlled by AC drive.


A variety of belt driven I high frequency spindles are available as per specific requirement be offered with different types of HF I bell driven spindles. The electric spindles also feature CNC controlled constant peripheral speed of grinding wheel will be provide optionally.


The dressing unit consists of a single point fixed dresser which is capable of profile dressing as well as straight dressing. The dressing unit is also equipped with diamond rollerforcontinuous and reduced dressing wear.


Fanuc Oi-TF grinding controller with auto refreshing, pitch error & backless compensation, G code & M code compatibility, electronic hand wheel.

Key Features RIG 250

  • Heavy Ribbed and Optimally analysed structure for best thermal and vibrational damping.
  • Seasoning Processed structure for lifelong Accuracy.
  • Precisely Handscrapped Guideways with Anti Friction TURCITE-B Coating for best Results.
  • Heavy Duty Workhead and Tail Stock.
  • SP Class Roller L.M Guideways.
  • Axis Movement through P class preloaded Ball screws.
  • Cartridge type Super Precision Spindles.
  • Complete Protection of guideways from coolant and grinding dust.
  • Custom Screen for easy operation and programming.
  • With Inbuilt Rough , Semi finish , finish grinding cycles.
  • Centralised Auto Lubrication System.
  • Grinding package of FANUC/ Seimens.


  • CNC package with operating panel and graphic display.
  • Diamond dresser stand.
  • Coolant pump with tank.
  • Auto lubrication unit.
  • Diamond dresser.
Product Description

Diamond roller dressing device

Diamond roller dressing attachment for continuous and even wheel dressing , for stable dressing and reduced dressing wear compared to single point dresser

Product Description

In-Process Gauge

In-process gauge for plain and uninterrupted grinding, for repeated and even dimensional accuracy

Product Description

Hi-frequency spindle

Hi-frequency spindle for continuous power and torque output, for high rotational speeds without slipping seen in bell driven system.


  • In process gauging for plain & Interrupted surfaces.
  • Servo Controlled C-axis (Work head)
  • Servo Controlled Radius Dresser (A-axis)
  • Diamond Roll Dressing Attachment With Spindle (Without Dressing Roll)
  • ∅100 and ∅120 Internal Grinding Spindle (Belt Driven)
  • High Frequency Spindle (∅100, ∅120, ∅150)
  • Linear Glass Scale
  • Auto Loading & UN-loading System
  • Magnetic Coolant Filter or Paper Band Filter
  • Servo Voltage Stabilizer
  • Shoe Magnetic Chuck
  • Hydraulic Diaphragm Chuck Auto Door
  • Auto Door Arrangement
Description Unit RIG250 RIG350
Max. Rotating diameter mm 250 350
Max. Diameter of grindable hole mm 150 200
Min. Diameter of grindable hole mm 10 20
Max. hole length mm 80 100
Max. component weight kg. 20 30
Maximum Travel mm 200 400
Rapid Feed Rate mtr/min 10 10
Min. Increment/Pulse mm 0.0001 0.0001
ServoMotorTorque Nm 7 7
Max. Travel mm 280 310
Rapid Feed Rate mtr/min 10 10
Minimum Increment/ Pulse mm 0.0001 0.0001
ServoMotorTorque Nm 7 7
Spindle speed (Variable stepless) rpm 50-500 50-500
Spindle nose taper No. A2-5 A2-6
Swiveling range Deg. 20 15
Motor Power HP / KW 1.5 / 1.1 2 / 1.4
Total Power load KW 10 12
Operation Voltage volts 415+ 10 % AC 3 Phase 415+ 10 % AC 3 Phase
Floor Space mm 2000 x 2500 2000 x 2700
Machine Weight Kg. 2500aprox. 3000aprox.